Quality is the key

Quality means care and dedication… The tireless desire to always do our best.

Quality means:

  • a deep knowledge of our work in its each detail thanks to a close-knit skilled staff;
  • a deep knowledge of our suppliers in order to select the best meat cuts for our products;
  • a deep knowledge of our customers and the market in order to satisfy their needs and wishes;
  • a steady support and assistance to our sales force and agents.

Thanks to one-to-one relationships built time after time a confident atmosphere of trust and good feelings has been created. Quality also means:

  • competence in complaining all the needs and requirements of the market;
  • promptness and preciseness in informing customers: i.e. from labelling to traceability, from certifications to administration, etc.
  • daily checking and verifying the high quality of our products by sensorial organoleptic analysis;
  • according to HACCP and European standards on hygienical sanitary Regulations a chemical pshysical microbiological analysis plan is done on all our products by certified labs. Our total commitment to Quality also means further analysis to constantly keep improved our Quality System.